Orchard celebration

We set up our 10 x 10m white tent for a party in a beautiful old apple orchard belonging to Quickes Farm in September. Inside the tent they set up 3 long banquent tables seating 54 plus had space for a display table, a small dance area and a 3 man band. One side was completely down to the ground to make it more cosy & the other sides open to enjoy the view. We also provided the festoon lighting & carpeting. The beautiful rustic tables and benches were provided by South West Event hire.  It was in celebration of the launch of their new cheese recipe featuring Cornish Sea Salt and chef Ben Quinn of Woodfired Canteen served up bounty from field to shore, cooked simply over wood fire.

Looks like they had a wonderful evening. It’s so lovely being sent photos so we can see what goes on under our tent as we usually just see it before and after the event.

Here’s a few of our before photos.

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