Polhawn Fort

Wow, what an amazing venue for a wedding. You can hire out the entire fort for your guests, and you have it all to yourself and it has a path directly down to the beach.

It has space inside to seat 120 people but some people choose to have additional covered space out in the gardens to make the most of the incredible views.

There are 3 good places for tents at Polhawn Fort:

  • On the lower lawn you can fit up to a 10 x 15m stretch tent. This tent was set up to seat 120 on 3 rows of banquet tables.
  • These photos are of our 6 x 8m tent on the lower lawn with our rustic furniture to be used for an afternoon BBQ.
  • Up by the summer house where they do the wedding ceremonies, you can fit our 4 x 6m stretch tent or our 6 x 8m stretch tent to cover your guests in case of rain. Here are photos of our 4 x 6m stretch tent which was used as a bar area. Click on the photos to see them larger.
  • There is also an area on the rooftop which would fit our 6 x 8m stretch tent. This is the area which has direct access from a spiral staircase that leads from the dining / party area,  so it's a magic spot to go up for sea views or stargazing & it can be lit up with fairy lights for a magical rooftop setting.

Visit www.polhawnfort.com for more info.

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