The Dwarves of Zennor

 Our 8 x 10m stretch tent enjoyed a week up with ‘The Dwarves of Zennor‘, a group who get together to make swords & things in a remote field. Amongst other things they heat & cast metals to make various implements, make leather shoes & knit. They moved onto this empty field for 10 days and in this time they built themself a compost toilet, pumped water up from the river using a ram pump & even went down an old disused mine. Lovely to see the old methods being used & we were lucky enough to join them where we got to try out some of their crafts, watch them smelting metal and enjoyed a meal and fire in the yurt where a great pirate band entertained us. The stars that night were incredible, so lovely to have no light pollution.

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Posted in Festivals in Cornwall.