Wedding in a field

There are many fields around Cornwall with stunning views that are ideal for throwing huge celebration parties and weddings. Besides having beautiful, natural surroundings & views there are other reasons why choosing a field can be a big advantage – it’s often a cheap venue where you can run your own bar, no neighbours to complain about parties lasting deep into the night and camping for all. However, it can be quite daunting thinking that you’ll need to provide everything to make sure that the party goes well without a hitch, things like toilets, electricity and water.

We have often set up stretch tents for parties and weddings in various fields and it’s not as daunting once you’ve done it a few times. The photos below are of a great example of a very well-organised wedding in a field. The party went well into the early hours of the morning, all the food was prepared on site. Toilets, heaters, large cold storage trailer and generators were hired.

We set up a 10 x 25m stretch tent with an added 4 x 6m stretch tent in a field for a wedding with approx 100 seated and about 200 at the party later. For decor, they did lovely foliage decor on the poles and covered the tables with hessian cloth & green foliage. They had festoon lighting around the outside and uplighters lighting up the inside and string battery operated lights on the table.

If you’re looking at organising a party on a field and would like some advice, get in touch and we can advise on some great providers as well as a stretch tent or two.

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