White stretch tents

We have a few different size white Stretch tents and can join them to make different sizes. Joining them together means we can also make sizes like 6 x 12m, 8 x 16, 10 x 18m to fit all different spaces.  Our 4 x 6m white stretch tent which is ideal for a stand alone wedding ceremony, DJ / Bar area or can also be attached to the larger tents for an extra covered space.

Our 10m x 15m stretch tent can fit up to 150 for cocktail / dance party with space for bar, DJ or band or 150 cinema style. Seated dinner it can fit up to 100 but this varies greatly depending on table layouts and whether sides are up or down. If you have 2 or 3 sides down this makes it a smaller area but more cosy & we also have side walling options.

Our 10 x 25m white stretch tent can seat up to 140 seated or 200 for a party with casual seating.

Contact us to find out what size tent you need for your event or wedding.

Able to take on almost any form and be erected freestanding or as extensions to existing structures, stretch tents provide a level of freedom and aesthetics not found in traditional marquees. Whatever the occasion, and wherever the location, the free form nature of our stretch tents provides unmatched versatility. It can go down slopes, over decks, off the side of a house.


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