Hire our stretch tent for weddings and events! Covering Cornwall & Devon.

Stretch tents are beautiful, curvy Bedouin-inspired tents which quite literally stretch over any space, creating unique party areas and a great atmosphere for outdoor events, weddings, parties & corporate events.  The tents can also be attached to a building meaning your party can flow from your house to your garden effortlessly and they cope well with unusual spaces as they can go over patios, decks, stairs, terraces and slopes. There are so many ways to set up our tent so they can look different every time as the unique material stretches over poles to give our tents their beautiful flowing shapes.  Have a look at our layout options http://www.jabulatents.co.uk/tent-layouts/
View some of our testimonials - http://www.jabulatents.co.uk/testimonials/

The free form nature of our stretch tents provides unmatched versatility.The sides or corners can be up or down to create different shapes and we have many different sizes. Have a look at what we have to offer. 

We have hired out stretch tents for many weddings, festivals and events around Cornwall & Devon. Have a look at our gallery to see different set ups in different locations. 

We are based in the beautiful St Ives, Cornwall so if you are planning an event, wedding or festival in Cornwall & you're interested in hiring our tent, please get in touch.

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More about our Stretch tents

Our stretch tents  are 100% waterproof and fireproof,  withstands high wind and have no flapping noise due to the taut stretch fabric. The sides can be up or down depending on the weather and can be joined together to form larger structures.

The sides of the tents can be brought down to the ground in windy conditions and in cold weather we offer various heating solutions. We also have lots of extras like carpeting, dance floor, lighting etc. 

We have different sizes, 5 x 5m / 4 x 6m / 6 x 8m / 8 x 10m / 10 x 10m / 10 x 15m white / 10 x 15 beige We can join them together to form larger sizes. ie 10 x 23m beige or 10 x 25m white