Wedding ceremony tent

Our tents make beautiful wedding ceremony tents. With all sides up the views can be enjoyed all around.

These photos will show you some of the layouts used in our tents for wedding ceremonies to help you get a good idea of how many people can be seated and how it could look.

This layout on these 10 x 15m stretch tents shows the aisle going down the 10m length with the seating across the 15m length. There are 12 in each row (6 each side of the aisle) and 10 rows. It is possible to fit in 16 per row with up to 12 rows (that’s 192 people) if you needed to fit in more.

This layout below shows the aisle going down the 15m length with the seating across the 10m length. This creates a longer aisle but the central path has to go alongside the centre poles. Worked perfectly with this ceremony but it’s good to keep this in mind when pre-planning the seating arrangement. They had 4 on one side and 6 on the other, 10 rows in all, with plenty room to add on a few more rows if needed.

This was a ceremony under our 8 x 10m stretch tent. On haybales with a circular shape & the arch in the corner. Loved their big central flowers on the centre pole.