How much is stretch tent hire?

The rates for hiring a stretch tent will of course vary depending on size and the complexity of the project. Contact us and we can let you know the price. We do unfortunately have to charge transport costs for the distant events, but we will work closely with you to try and minimise these. Free delivery for a 20mile radius, otherwise 80p per mile.

What are stretch tents made of?

A Stretch Tent is an innovative take on a traditional marquee. Essentially they are a single piece of waterproof material that is made with high tenacity yarns which make it super strong which is stretched tight over an area, with free standing poles used internally to create the desired shape and space. They are completely waterproof, fire retardant, and, most importantly, stunning!

Do the tents comply with the latest fire regulations?

Yes they do. Full details upon request.

What sizes do they come in?

Our smallest individual tent is 5m x 5m and our largest is 15m x 10m. However, the beauty of these tents is that they are modular in design and can be joined together to comfortably accommodate larger number of guests.

Can the tent go over an area that has bushes and is on a slope?

Yes it can. The ability of a stretch tent to adapt to, and re-invent the entertaining space is amazing. Over terraces, encompass gardens and slopes as well as incorporate features such as trees and rocks to create a truly magical space.

How long can the tents be hired for?

Our standard hire period runs for three days, but this is very flexible. If you wish to have your tent installed earlier to provide you with more time to set up, then we will happily accommodate this at an extra cost. If you are looking at hiring a tent for a longer period of time, then please get in contact and we’ll talk you through the options.

What size of tent do I need?

Let us know what kind of event you plan to hold and how many people you plan to entertain and we’ll recommend the size and configuration of tent, for example you might like an entrance hall or some chill out areas outside the main space. All our site visits are done merely as part of the estimate process and are 100% without an obligation to use our tents. Within a 100 mile radius our site viewings are also free! After that we have to charge 50 pence a mile.

How quickly can you put up a stretch tent?

A great advantage of stretch tents over traditional marquees is that they are much faster to install. The length of time will depend on the complexity of the installation (for instance if we have to attach the tent to a building) and the size of the tent. For our smaller tents we aim to be done in a couple of hours and for our larger tents we should be set up in five hours, leaving you plenty of time to prepare the internal space. If you have a special time frame let us know in advance and we may be able to add personnel in order to hasten the assembly or set up a day earlier.

Can the tent be fixed to existing structures like buildings?

Yes, they can and they’ll look like part of the building – essentially becoming an extension of the interior space. We first do a careful assessment of the integrity of the structure. Duwayne who is a professional builder and electrician will know if it’s possible. If there is nothing to attach to we can place small masonry bolts into the structure which have eyelets for attaching the tents or ropes. These can either be left in for future use, as many of our clients choose to do, or removed and filled in. See examples where we have done this.