Our Stretch Tents

Stretch tents were inspired by the Bedouin Tribe of North Africa and the extremely strong, totally waterproof, stretchy material was developed in South Africa.  The beautiful flowing shapes have great visual impact & different pole settings & lighting can create different effects. They are 100% waterproof and fireproof,  withstands high wind and have no flapping noise due to the taut stretch fabric.  The sides can be up or down depending on the weather and can be joined together to form larger structures.

The free form nature of our stretch tents provides unmatched versatility. It can go down slopes, over decks, off the side of a house. The sides of the tents can be brought down to the ground in windy conditions and in cold weather we offer various heating solutions. We also have lots of extras like carpeting, dance floor, lighting etc.

We have different sizes, 5 x 5m / 4 x 6m / 6 x 8m beige / 6 x 8m white8 x 10m white or beige / 10 x 15m white / 10 x 15 beige

We can join them together to form different sizes. ie 6 x 12m, 8 x 16,  20 x 15m beige10 x 23m beige or 10 x 25m white.

Beige Stretch Tents
Cornwall Stretch Tent hire for events & weddings
Our beige (sand coloured stretch tents) are so versatile with sides up or down and option to join to other tents to create larger spaces.
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 White Stretch Tents

tenticklect-7Our white stretch tents are beautiful for weddings and add a touch of glamour. Different sizes available. Seat up to 120 with space for dancing.

Stretch side walling
We have a range of side walling options (different fabrics & colour) which we can put up for extra warmth / wind protection.
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Tie-dyed & Lumo stretch Decor
We’ve got super colourful tie-dye stretch tents which are perfect for decor or side-walling for our main tents or on it’s own for a fun lumo party with UV lights .


We have lots of extras like a mobile bar, festival flags, carpeting, bunting, dance floor & heating. 
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All weather
If the weather forecast is hot then the tent can be set up with all the sides open, however the sides can also be brought down to provide excellent weather protection against winds up to gale force 8, hail and the heaviest rain.

Tent Layouts

There are lots of ways that our tents can be laid out. All sides up, corners down, 1, 2 or 3 sides down, coming off a wall or off a slope.  
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Capacity Guide

Unsure what size stretch tent you need? It depends on various factors, ie if the sides are up or down, whether you want space for a dance floor etc.
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