Capacity guide

This is a recommended guide as to how many people can fit comfortably in a stretch tent. Of course you can fit much more, we've had at least 400 people dancing including a huge stage & bar in our 10 x 25 and had 140 seated banquet in our 10 x 15 for a wedding.  There are a lot of variables, it depends on how much space you'd like your guests to have, whether you have the sides up or down and what else you'd like to fit in the tent. Keep in mind that when the sides are down you lose extra space & head room & that we have side walls which allow you to have a side up but have option of wind / rain protection if needed. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Tent Size       6 x 8m 8 x 10m 10 x 10m 10 x 15m 10 x 23m 10 x 25
Colour Sand / Cream Sand / Beige White White or Sand Sand / Beige White
People standing 50 100 120 150 240 280
People seated cinema style    60 80 90 120 180 200
People seated banquet style 40 60 70 80 130 150


We have various layout guides.

Some examples